Professional Development

Professional Development

Does your job description include the phrase “maintain professional competency“, if it doesn’t then you can reference the Ontario Fire Services Training Officer Standard and related Standards to help you understand the roles and responsibilities of your position. The competencies in this Standard also provide you with other expectations for the position of Training Officer, and have been agreed to by the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs in consultation with the OAFTO and the Office of the Fire Marshal.

“Life long learning” (synonymous with maintaining professional competency) is a commonly used phrase that needs to be emphasized as a verb, it is an action phrase that implies active ongoing participation for the individual as well as for the organization. If “life long learning” and, therefore, maintaining professional competency, is important to you and your Fire Chief as you prepare the annual training schedule, or when negotiating professional development opportunities for yourself or other firefighters in your department, we ask you to consider the organizations, colleges and universities listed below who are cited because of their inherent interest in developing you as a professional firefighter, as a professional training officer and as a professional public servant.

Resource Links

OMMI – Ontario Municipal Management Institute
The Institution of Fire Engineers
ISFSI – International Society of Fire Service Instructors
Ryerson University
Justice Institute of British Columbia
Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute – University of Maryland
Dalhousie University
Oklahoma State University

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