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The Municipal Fire Departments Instructors’ Association was created December 4th 1961. It had long been recognized that a standard method and scope of firefighter training was very desirable.

Members of the Association have contributed several hundreds of hours to these committees and boards. In addition the Association has helped to finance the development of the Training Officers’ curriculum.



Our Visionhttps://firetraining.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/cropped-logo-1.png


To improve safety, skills knowledge and communication in the

Fire Service by taking a leadership role in education, development and partnerships.


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If you are in need of training materials, remember that if you purchase them thru the Fire Marshals Public Safety Council, you actually help to support OAFTO. 



TOW 2019 Photos

John Roberson (Fort Log)
Building Resiliency
Andy MacDonald (Humber College)
Labour Relations
Bill D'Agostino (ISFSI)
Basement Fires



Enbridge Donation

Sid Dasilva from Enbridge (Former CTO) presents a sponsorship cheque to Association President Brent Thomas 


Support Camp Bucko (link)




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